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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Ideas and Solutions from Impressed Ltd

  • Looking to have a patterned concrete driveway or patio?

  • Why should you choose to have an pattern imprinted concrete solution?
  • What does it cost to have an imprinted concrete driveway or patio from Impressed Ltd

The Benefits of having a Pattern Imprinted Concrete Surface around your home

Impressed Ltd based in Ballingry Fife are already serving customers Scotland wide providing unusual and unique patterned concrete driveways and patios designs using pattern imprinted concrete.

So how can we help you make the decision to choose to have a concrete imprinted driveway or patio.

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 We use a high strength reinforced concrete (reaching 30-40 newton after 28 days).The concrete is laid to a depth of 100-150mm. It will not sink or dip in time and rather than grow weaker it actually strengthens over time.

The concrete is also air entrained to help it deal with the most severe Scottish temperatures in the winter months. The colour surface hardener which is applied to the surface is particularly hard wearing ,reaching strengths exceeding 40 newtons. On top of all that the surface is then coated with an acrylic sealant, preventing spoiling from spillages such as oil.


Simply get your installation resealed every 4-6 years. This will protect the drive from any deterioration and keep mould and algae at bay. Resealing is something we  offer but is also a fairly simple DIY chore.  Below is a picture of a 6 year old driveway looking as good as the day it was laid after a reseal.


Can you honestly imagine monoblock looking as pristine after 6 years. It would more likely be dipping and puddling,riddled with mould and covered with weeds, and on top of all that it would be fading rapidly (unless the more expensive clay pavers had been used). 


With an immense range of designs and colours a project can be tailored to the needs of absolutely any type of property.

 3 Imprinted Concrete Myths De-bunked

1/ The surface is sealed and therefore slippery  -" rhino grip"is mixed with the seal to make it a non-slip surface.  Rhino grip is a transparent polymer giving a sand like grip to the surface.  (NO doubt certain cowboy firms may cut this corner giving rise to this unfair reputation.)

2/ If your water or gas main bursts underneath our product , the damage created by the repair cannot be fixed.  -Yes it can and with great ease (a gas repair remedial normally takes 2-3 hours) and can be blended to barely notice. 

3/ The product cracks or flakes with the frost- If laid professionally by experienced contractors the concrete is unlikely to crack,this is usually the result of negligence or cutting corners.If laid at the correct depth with a good foundation,incorporating air entrainers , fibre-mesh and sufficient crack control joints, the likelihood of cracking is extremely small.  Even if a small crack did occur it would remain hairline and reasonably unnoticeable due to reinforcement.

Imprinted Concrete prices vs basic monoblock 

When you are considering investing in a new drive or patio, you will  measure one solution against another, so, we shall be honest answering this question - does patterned concrete cost more than if you chose a basic monoblock solution? The answer is yes, it will cost slightly more than basic monoblock to cover your driveway or patio surface area.  But get in touch and let us answer all the questions you may have to help with your decision in going for a patterned concrete surface.

What is the next step to get your new patterned concrete driveway or patio?

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