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Paving Features

In addition to the desired colours and patterns there are many other techniques and features which can be incorporated to make every individual project unique. This page will give a general summary of some of the possibilities.

Circular Features

Choose between the Cobble Circle , the Millstone Circle, the Compass or a bespoke design within a circle. Circular features can be the focal point of many projects. They are useful for creating a central point within the installation or the property. They can take the form of a standard imprint circle pattern (cobble or millstone; see patterns) or a circular feature with any available pattern within.


The design of the steps within the project is important as they will often turn out to be the most focal point of the installation. 

Quite often in our Patterned Concrete projects, the step-work, no matter how small or complex, will draw more attention and positive approval, than all other aspects of the installation.

Our product lends itself to tremendous versatility as our experienced crew can carve practically any shape imaginable out of concrete.

Multi-blend Colour Schemes

This is where more than one base colour is chosen to add an extra dimension.

Alternating Colour and Patterns

Alternating the various shades and designs within the installation can create a whole new facet to the project. Design features can also be used to hide the straight cuts (Crack Control Joints).

Imprinted Walls

Using the imprinted wall coatings to compliment the project can often complete the perfect picture. This system can be applied to house walls, existing garden walls or we can even create a new wall for that finishing touch.

Drainage Features

The use of recessed manhole covers and aco drains , whilst not so much enhancing features , can disguise and bring order to those necessary parts of the property that you would rather not see.

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